Chairman Message
S.N. Singh

The condition of human being is totally different from other creatures. He lives in a society, he has his own civilization. Good cultured conduct is expected from him. Along with he should be enlightened enough to pace with the same Balenciaga Replica Handbags speed, the world is making its progress. This talent may grow only when he can produce something from the view of education and personality. He should achieve some sense from cultural inheritance. To fulfill it, education has been imparted from ancient ages. Though the form of education might be changing, that has been always compulsory in implementation. Education is the perpetual value of life. The intellect of human being expands in the circle of those two values, some of which are eternal and some are variable. Because no unwise or uneducated person can make his life progressive. Education has been compulsory in all ages. Hence education gains importance and value in all ages. Education Fendi Replica Bags does not mean more knowledge of various subjects. If we suppose the meaning of education limited up to here, it is nothing more than lack of wit, and sometimes its gives more terrifying consequence. The purpose of wisdom or education should be to develop the view to shun unuseful and adopt useful things in addition to appreciate the knowledge of anything. Then education gets its perfect Replica Celine Handbags meaning. A man may be called an intellect, scholar or educationist only if enlightenment and good character concord in him. What is the concord of character and knowledge? Total development of personality. Knowledge is that which can appreciate what is beneficial and what not. In other words the reaction may be called talent and the use of talent is fruitful. The fundamental view of education is total development of personality. If education is at least intent to its goal a creative inspiration will rise more than destructive. If a destructive effort is made, it will be necessary to give form of creative background. The inspiration of knowledge wisdom is to break those things, beliefs and evils thoughts which have lost their utility and their eradication is essential. New creation may be only after their eradication. But that knowledge which is symbolic how can be internal development. The view of education should be to awaken wit and to develop Replica Christian Dior Handbags personality. Education is an essential means to make a society or a nation great. Educated persons contribute much to maintain the eternity of development and being a human man consumes some such rights as are regarded anvil, basic and sovereign. In fact the present as well as future of society is hidden in the children and children are integral part of the whole population. Interference or ban over their naturality may give far reaching consequence. Earlyage is like ocean of imagination related to their delicate emotions and harmonical memory. But by continuing freedom and naturality it can be made basic and living. In the view of psychology childhood is the most important phase of life, which we can say the infant age of construction of future India, that will be the more fruitful and permanent, the more it may be planted and irrigated with skill and concentration. Hence it is a reality that the plan of construction Replica Hermes Handbags of any society and country is important. The importance of teacher is much. Teacher has also been called as mother. Likewise a mother who conceive a baby in her body and gives her own culture, a teacher also gives his moral and culture to his able student. It is validity that a child gets rebirth after going to a teacher for getting education. Teacher is not power by name but he is utmost reverent. Teacher is not a subject of study, but he is subject to live. His life value does the work of orientation of human life. Life value in fact is the Radar of human life. Just like a Radar which gives direction to aircraft. If the Radar s defective the aircraft astray away from its root.

Every person would make his life jolly and prosperous in the law of nature also and a boon of man by birth. But many persons seem to be deprived from this boon of nature and good. Life becomes a problem for them. The only reason is that the Radar of life that is the direction and determination is defective. They blame to time work, fate, and God invain. Due to temptation, fear and laziness to leave the determined value, means we became astray from direction and life become motiveless. Vigorous people determine the value by self wit and behave likewise. It may be that the thinking of some certain persons is not completely develop although he must be assured that expands of wisdom go on to progress in life and life-way become eulogized as well. People lacking vigority and willpower hesitate in determining their life value. They get rid of problem of determining the value by possessing the value of other people. It if vivid they have neither faith nor their directed orientation. Their condition becomes like the examinee, who remains Replica Givenchy Handbags dependent on unfair means to pass in the examination. There is no need of clarification how insecure and indefinite is the future of a cheating student. We meet such several persons who tries to prove just and right to their indiscipline, immorality, rebel against country, corruption, indecorum villainy, misconduct etc. by their own logics. Those people who are influenced by their changed value and indulge into the problem then what is strange in it? It is said that which is sleeping is Kaliyug Getting up from slumber is Dwapar. Rising up is Treta and one who labours, becomes Satyug. So keep on moving generally a man make pretence of fate only to hide his laziness and idleness. But fortune favours the diligent. A man can change his fate line by continuous Labour. Labour and confidence can enforce. God to fulfill our desire. If we have curiosity, devotion labour and self confidence in ourselves, no work is impossible. These qualities are not adopted from outside but we have to pour out from our inner mostself. A saying is getup awake and try to pierce the goal. Now I apeal to all youth to steer their life boat with the same confidence and diligencey towards the goal, definitely you will reach your destination.

Director Message
T.P. Singh

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Divine Sainik School.This is a school where we are deeply committed to ensuring that every day.each and every student has the attention and care of our proffessional staff. We work to foster a school enviorment rhat is supportive and encouraging for both children and adults.

At Divine Sainik School,we want to provide an exemplary educational expirience that nurtures an international perspective developed through the challanging program.Not only do our students demonstrate excellent academic progress and achievment while at Divine Sainik School, they become grounded in the important qualities of integrity, leadership,adaptability,resilience,and true compassion for others.Additionally, our students are active caretakers of rhe enviorment.

The unique and beautiful campus is the backdrop for a school determinded to have a profoundly positive impact on the personal lives of its students as well as assuring a great education. we are focused on being a student and learning centered school that is consistently moving forward in preparing students to be successfull as modern global citizens.